Huile Brunox Turbo-Spray en pulvérisateur 120ml

Item number : EN6521

SKU Item designation French Law French Law Height (cm) Vol (ml) MSRP
SKU EN6521 Item designation Huile Brunox Turbo-Spray en pulvérisateur 120ml French Law Vente libre French Law Free sale Height (cm) 12 Vol (ml) 100 MSRP
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Huile d'entretien pour les armes et les pièces métalliques

Swiss quality reference oil

Sprayer: no propellant: no pollution or loss of pressure

Spray directly on surfaces or precise with the capillary tube provided.

  • Cleans, lubricates, greases and maintains all mechanical weapon parts.
  • After firing: Dissolve lead, tombac, copper, nickel and powder residues.
  • Combines moisture and effectively protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Fluidifies mechanical movements, including weapon locks and semi-automatic mechanisms.
  • Neutralizes fingerprints, avoids fingerprints on cannons.
  • Forms an extra thin protective film after drying that does not harden.
  • Neutral effect on lacquered surfaces, on leather, wood, rubber, plastic and textiles
  • Perfect for restarting a weapon after storage: dissolves grease as well as organic and mineral dirt.
  • Without silicones, teflon or graphite.
Context : weapon oil, maintenance, restoration., Brunox
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