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Point rouge SIG Sauer - ROMÉO 5 1 x 20 mm.

Point rouge SIG Sauer - ROMÉO 5 1 x 20 mm.

Item number : OSR5

SKU Item designation French Law Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm) Weight (g) Magnification Min Objectif Diam. (mm) Reticle MSRP
SKU OSR5 Item designation Point rouge SIG Sauer - ROMÉO 5 French Law Free sale Length (cm) 6.27 Width (cm) 3.81 Height (cm) 3.86 Weight (g) 100 Magnification Min 1x Objectif Diam. (mm) 20 mm Reticle Dot 2 MoA MSRP 430 € incl. tax

Sig Sauer solicits a maximum of optical experts around the world, to design and continue to develop a range of glasses and red dots robust and reliable. Technology, performance and precision are the three development criteria for SIG SAUER engineers.

When action is fast and accuracy becomes a necessity.

The ROMÉO 5 offers optimized energy consumption thanks to its MOTAC (MOTion ACtivated illumination) system, which uses an internal cell to detect movements during a hunting action. THE MOTAC announces an autonomy of 60,000 hours with 9 possible intensities.
Waterproof patented to IPX7 standards - Adjustment: 1/2 MOA per click.

The newest member of the red dot ROMÉO family, ROMÉO 5 has many advantages in the highly competitive red dot market.
Firstly, optimized energy consumption thanks to its MOTAC (MOTion ACtivated illumination) system, which uses an internal cell to detect movements during a hunting action. Clearly the red dot is cut when this cell does not detect vibrations (120 seconds delay), then lights up again as soon as the latter detects the slightest movement, at the selected intensity. This allows SIG SAUER to announce an autonomy of 60,000 hours with 10 possible intensities.

The device is waterproof patented to IPX7 standards (Protected against the effects of immersion, that is to say a bath of at least 30 minutes to a maximum depth of one meter)

This unit is equipped with a removable mounting interface, compatible with the AIMPOINT MICRO H1 and H2. This means that we can adapt it to most of the weapons on the market, with removable mounting solutions for most cases

  • Red dot size: 2 MOA
  • Setting: 1/2 MOA per click
  • Amplitude: 40 MOA
  • Length: 62 mm
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Battery: CR2032


The battery used is a CR2032 changeable without tools. The adjustment of the red dot can be done with the turret protection cap (by turning it over).

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Sig Sauer MOTAC™ (Motion Activated Illumination)
Sig Sauer MOTAC™ (Motion Activated Illumination)
Activated through motion sensing technology, MOTAC immediately powers up illumination when it senses motion and powers down when it does not in order to extend battery life.
Highly efficient, ultra-wide broadband, anti-reflection lens coatings reduce surface reflections to extremely low levels across the entire visible spectrum providing superior light transmission.
Sig Sauer Stealth ID™
Sig Sauer Stealth ID™
Electro-Optics industrial design inspired by our legendary firearms; deflection armor trapezoidal surfacing breaks up the shape and visibility of the optic along with pistol slide serrations and grip checkering to add function to the form of all SIG SAUER electro optics.
Sig Sauer Garantie Infinie
Sig Sauer Garantie Infinie
SIG SAUER Electro-Optics are guaranteed forever. It's an unlimited lifetime guarantee. -Unlimited Lifetime Guarantee -Fully Transferable -No Warranty Card Required -No Receipt Required -No Time Limit Applies -No Charge (Electronic Component Limited 5 Year Warranty) Covers any defects in materials and workmanship in the electronic and Tritium components of illuminated riflescopes/sights, pistol sights, electronic sights, flashlights, lasers, binoculars, spotting scopes and rangefinders for five years from date of manufacture. See website for detail :

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