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Lunette Polyvalente de battue et approche Kite 2-12x50

Lunette Polyvalente de battue et approche Kite 2-12x50

Item number : BWK2050

SKU Item designation French Law Twilight fact Min Twilight fact Max Tuning 100m Elevation stroke Windage stroke Focus Field max 100 m Field min 100 m Length (cm) Weight (g) MSRP
SKU BWK2050 Item designation Lunette Polyvalente de battue et approche Kite 2-12x50 French Law Free sale Twilight fact Min 10 Twilight fact Max 24.5 Tuning 100m 1 Clic / 7 mm Elevation stroke 90 Windage stroke 90 Focus No Field max 100 m 18.7 Field min 100 m 3.2 Length (cm) 34 Weight (g) 619 MSRP 1395 € incl. tax

Known for his binoculars since 1975, Kite made the decision in 2015 to put his knowledge to the service of hunters by designing a series of glasses to their attention.

Kite focused on the functional dimension of a hunting bezel, eliminating superfluity or inessential accessories. Thus Kite developed eyewear that is durable and usable by everyone in all circumstances.

La lunette prévue pour le tir longue distance en situation de chasse

  • Ultra fine engraved reticule for accurate target acquisition
  • Excellent light transmission (93%) and powerful light point
  • Argon filling for use in extreme temperatures.
  • 11 intensity levels interspersed with an off position for fast action.
  • Field of vision 18 m to 100 meters in magnification x2 and 3.2 m to 100 meters in magnification x12

Here is the ideal telescope for hunters who find that a x56 magnification is too big and too massive. This bezel allows a clear vision by letting a high level of brightness and increases the accuracy for long distance shots.

Moreover, this model also makes it possible to adapt to all hunting situations of the game.

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