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Winchester Model 11 Co2 4.5mm Pistol

Winchester Model 11 Co2 4.5mm Pistol

Item number : G2510

SKU Item designation French Law Caliber Shots Energy (J) Speed (m/s) Barrel (cm) Length (cm) Weight (g) Weapon Type MSRP
SKU G2510 Item designation Winchester Model 11 Co2 4.5mm Pistol French Law D Caliber .177 (4.5 mm) Shots 16 Energy (J) 2.73 Speed (m/s) 125 Barrel (cm) 12.7 Length (cm) 19.8 Weight (g) 843 Weapon Type Air gun / CO² MSRP 169 € incl. tax

CO2 pistol type 1911 with movable breech!

4.5 mm CO2 pistol firing 4.5mm steel balls. Realistic operation with movable cylinder head

  • Steel rifled barrel.
  • Removable magazine 16 shots.
  • CO2 capsule 12 g housed in the butt.
  • Operation in Simple Action then Blowback.
  • Fixed combat type open sight.

Quality of departure: The relaxation on the model 11 of Daisy Winchester is very pleasant. It corresponds to the ideal traction weight, neither too heavy nor too light, it has practically no free travel and does not have a predictable trigger point. As is traditional with a 1911 style pistol, the mechanism is simple action. You will therefore have to either pull the hammer back, or position the slide for the first shot. For subsequent shots, you will not have to do this, as the Blowback mechanism arms the hammer for single action shooting. If your CO2 is very low, the return of gas may not be enough to cock the hammer. You can do this manually to get a few more shots before changing your 12g CO2 cartridge.


1 year Simac warranty
1 year Simac warranty
Garantie 1 an

Context : lead, gangster pistol, US regulatory pistol, pest, rat, mouse, eliminate mice, kill rats, compressed air, airgun, target, targeting, PR776, gamo, precision airgun. .177 caliber
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