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Gamo parallax 3-9 X 40 AO Scope



Gamo parallax 3-9 X 40 AO Scope

Item number : G4115

SKU Item designation French Law Twilight fact Min Length (cm) Weight (g) Magnification Min Magnification Max Objectif Diam. (mm) Diameter (mm) MSRP
SKU G4115 Item designation Gamo Lunette Paralaxe MD 39 X 40 Ao ** French Law Free sale Twilight fact Min 11.3 Length (cm) 32.2 Weight (g) 532 Magnification Min 3x Magnification Max 9x Objectif Diam. (mm) 40 mm Diameter (mm) 26 mm (1'') MSRP -

High precision gamo scope with parallax correction.

Gamo AO Scope offer a distance adjustment ring at the level of the objective in order to eliminate the phenomenon of parallax which slightly shifts the reticle on the target in the event of displacement of the shooter's eye.

Supplied with a protective cap and a cleaning cloth.

Technical characteristics :

  • Reticle 4 with dots
  • Varialbe magnification: 3x to 9x
  • Objective lens diameter: 40mm
Context : GAMO scope, GAMO sunglasses, GAMO sunglasses, rifles for air rifles, glasses for recreational shooting.
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