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Recknagel Rail SR angled mounting on 21 mm rail

Recknagel Rail SR angled mounting on 21 mm rail

Item number : 57753-1800

SKU Item designation French Law Height (cm) Weight (g) Mounting MSRP
SKU 57753-1800 Item designation Mounting Angled SR rail Prism 21 on lever base Bh 13 French Law Free sale Height (cm) 1.3 Weight (g) 123 Mounting 21mm rail MSRP 310 € incl. tax

Lever tilt mount for SR rail scope

  • Set of 2 mounting: 1 straight and 1 elbow offset by 20 mm.
  • Quick mounting on 21mm prismatic Picatinny Weaver rail for SR rail scope.
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