Caesar Guerini

Le contrat tireur Guérini

Afin d'avoir la possibilité de gagner un des fusils disponibles
il vous faut adhérer au contrat tireur Caesar Guerini *

The Guérini shooter contract

  • 1 - You are sports shooters and participate in national or international competitions
  • 2 - You shoot with a Caesar GUERINI sport rifle
  • 3 - You have completed and returned the Caesar Guérini 2023 Shooter Contract
  • 4 - You reach the podium during one of these competitions by using your Guérini rifle...

You therefore fulfill all the criteria of the Caesar Guérini Shooter Contract which may allow you to win one of the Guérini rifles rewarding the best sports shooters.

See the details of the endowment below.

Contract prizes* shooter Caesar GUERINI 2023

Skeet and Foss Olympic Disciplines

INDIVIDUAL World or European Championship (Men's and Women's Scratch)

Universal pit, Compact, Hunting course

INDIVIDUAL World Championships (Scratch)

INDIVIDUAL European Championships (Scratch)

National Championships

National Selections

All shooters ranking in the first 3 scratches in the selections: Universal Pit, Compact, Hunting Course and DTL will be offered:
  • 1 TEMPIO for the first 1 value 2000€
  • 1 rifle cal. 20 for the 2nd and 3rd value 1500€

French Championships (individual)
Universal Pit, Compact, Hunting Course and DTL

Three first scratch shooters:
  • Gold medal 1 SUMMIT value 2800€
  • Silver medal1 TEMPIO worth 2500€
  • Bronze medal 1 gun worth 1500€

For all of the following categories:

Club France, 1st series, 2nd series, 3rd series, Veterans, Super Veterans.
*(In the Dame1 and Juniors series, the endowments will take effect if a minimum of 10 shooters are in competition)

*Offer limited to one weapon per competitor.
He must use a Caesar GUERINI sports weapon during all competitions as well as in training.
The Simac company will receive a copy of the purchase invoice for the Caesar Guérini weapon.
The Simac company reserves the right not to enter into or terminate the offer for any ethical reason.

The contract must be returned and completed before the competitions to: SIMAC BP 60026 86101 Châtellerault cedex.


Download the 2023 contract in PDF

Christophe AUVRET Caesar Guerini Simac
Christophe AUVRET, Champion du Monde de Parcours de chasse 2018