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FABARM company - Presentation and ranges of rifles




Founded around 1900 and descended from a great Brescia dynasty, the Galesi family. Fabarm comes from FABBRICA BRESCIANA DI ARMI which means “Arms Factory of Brescia”.

During the first decades of the 20th century, production consisted solely of juxtaposed rifles and pistols. It was after the end of the Second World War that over-and-under guns made their appearance. Then in the mid-1950s, Fabarm launched the production of air rifles and weapons in Cal. 9mm Flaubert.

At the end of the 1960s, the first semi-automatic shotgun, the "GOLDENMATIC", appeared.

The 1970s confirmed the industrial dimension of Fabarm with an expansion of the range: over-and-under competition shotguns (STL model); rifles juxtaposed with 4 hooks; pump-action shotguns and the ELLEGI gas-powered semi-automatic shotgun.

Fabarm perfectly knew how to manage and anticipate the turning point of the 2000s by investing massively in human resources, placing research and development at the center of its product policy. It is one of the first companies in the sector to acquire machining centers, robots and organizes its production in tight flows.

The new millennium corresponds to a 3rd wind, Fabarm files important patents for the future of the brand (TRIBORE barrel; PULSE piston; HP chokes; AXIS rifle etc.). It is also the recognition of modern design recognized as modern, tense and innovative that creates a true Fabarm identity.

The commercial activity of the company is carried out in partnership with more than 700 gunsmiths throughout the territory , including a hundred EXPERT FABARM points . The location of our premises is geographically ideal and allows us to ensure delivery within 24 hours anywhere in France.


Fabarm warranty extension


In 2013, FABARM decided to accompany you over the long term by offering you an exceptional guarantee that can be exercised for up to 15 years!


Click on the image to discover an example of the Fabarm warranty extension:

Three warranty options are available:

- The free contractual guarantee for a period of 5 years

- The guarantee up to 10 years for an amount of 100 €

- The guarantee up to 15 years for an amount of 150 €


The warranty extension is available on the entire FABARM range, including sports weapons. It covers the same points as the contractual guarantee granted by FABARM to new weapons.

Find all the conditions and advantages by clicking on this link or by asking your gunsmith!


Different ranges of products are available to you


Fabarm hunting range
Fabarm rifled weapons
Fabarm competition range
Fabarm Shotgun
Fabarm Accessories



Hunting range:

The ELOS range tested at 1630 BAR offers an Ergal 55 receiver, an oiled walnut stock, a lightened Tribore HP barrel.

The SDASS 2 hunting range takes advantage of the excellent fluidity of the pump mechanism with its symmetrical control arm with double connecting rods. The Ergal 55 carcass brings a perfect balance.

>Over and Under Shotgun ELOS A2 Classic Field Gold Cal. 12

>Over and Under Shotgun ELOS A2 Classic Field Gold Cal. 20

> Over and Under Shotgun ELOS A2 Classic AL Gold Cal. 12

> Over and Under Shotgun ELOS A2 Classic AL Gold Cal. 20

> Over and Under Shotgun Slug ELOS Al Traqueur Classic Gold Cal. 12

> ELOS A2 Classic Paradox Al Gold Cal. 12

> Shotgun SDASS 2 Big Game Cal.12

> Shotgun SDASS 2 Hunting Composite Cal. 12

> Shotgun SDASS 2 Hunting Gray Cal. 12

> Shotgun SDASS 2 Hunting Waterfowl Max 5 Cal. 12


Rifled Weapons:

The Asper 2 line is an innovative express with a steel rocker, with adjustable convergence.

Their rounded receiver makes the rifle elegant and fluid.

> ASPER 2 Classic Gold Light Cal. 8x57 JRS

> Express rifle ASPER 2 Classic Gold left-handed Cal. 30BR

> ASPER 2 Classic Gold Cal. 30BR; 8x57 JRS; 30-06 Spr; 9.3x74R


Competition range:

The ELOS N2 line goes off the beaten path with an innovative style. The matte black finish highlights the modern and minimalist engraving. Weapons tested at 1630 BAR. The lightweight Tribore HP barrel has a 6mm sighting band.

The AXIS S&H range has a lightened barrel and a stock designed for the course but also for waterfowl hunting. Its weight allows a perfect balance, but also makes it lively, fast and stable.

> Over-and -under shotgun ELOS N2 TRAP FIXED Cal. 12

> Over and Under Shotgun ELOS N2 Sporting AS Cal. 12

> Over-and -under shotgun ELOS N2 TRAP AS Cal. 12

> AXIS Sport & Hunting S&H Cal. 12


Shotgun :

Martial shotguns have a rifled barrel. The so-called "PRO FORCES" stock allows the weapon to be held in hand, even with one hand.

The STF/12 shotguns are based on a fully modular shotgun whose central platform allows the modification of the length of the weapon, stock etc. It combines performance, fluidity and quality.


> Shotgun MARTIAL FR Cal. 12


> Shotgun MARTIAL OD GREEN Cal. 12


> Professional Shotgun STF12 Compact black Cal. 12

> Professional STF12 Pistolgrip Viper Green Cal. 12

> Professional STF12 Pistolgrip OD Cal. 12

> Professional STF12 Pistolgrip Tactical Cal. 12

> Shotgun STF 12 SHORT BLACK Cal. 12


Accessories :

You will find a wide range of clothing and accessories for your weapons or equip yourself with shooting vests, caps etc.

> Spare parts: Barrels, chokes

> Spare parts: Barrel collars, recoil reducers

> Picatinny rail mounting

> Hit All Terrain for Fabarm XLR 5

> Weaver long baseplate

> Layer plates

> Caps

> Shooting vest

> Luggage: Sheaths, cartridge bag, covers

> Lateral support 4 or 5 cartridges

> Mil-Std 1913 21mm Picatinny Rail

> Telescopic stock

> Grenadière rear plate

> Braces


Fabarm's exclusive features


1. Tribore HP BARREL barrels



Exclusive: Fire steel shot cartridges in Fabarm INNER HP™ & EXIS HP™ chokes larger than half choke.
All gun manufacturers, today like Fabarm, allow steel shot cartridges to be fired only in interchangeable chokes whose neck does not exceed half a choke. This is due to the recommendations of the CIP which establishes as a maximum limit an angle of 1 degree inside the chokes.


In this sketch, the 50 mm long choke (some 65 mm chokes have the same geometry) is made up of a conical part (40 mm) and a cylindrical or slightly open part of 10 mm to allow projectiles to stabilize before the muzzle. The half-choke limit for shooting steel shot is thus the consequence of the fact that a cone 40 mm long with a taper of 0.5 mm corresponds to a cone with an angle of approximately 1 degree.

Consequence : No manufacturer gives you the possibility to fire steel cartridges in ¾ and full chokes.
Fabarm is therefore today, with the INNER HP™ and EXIS HP™ chokes, the only manufacturer to allow the firing of "high performance" steel cartridges in chokes greater than half-choke (and this of course respecting the standards of IPC).


1- By increasing the length of our chokes:

• INNER HP™ 12 GAUGE: 82 mm
• INNER HP™ CALIBER 20: 82 mm
• EXIS HP™ 12 GAUGE: 92mm

2- By replacing the usual rectilinear cone by 2 curves thus avoiding the presence of a sharp angle in the choke (better progressiveness, less friction)


These HYPERBOLIC™ chokes have been patented by FABARM.

Here are the shooting results:





Being able to use chokes that are more closed than the half-choke is an essential advantage for the hunter. So when competing guns have an average yield of 76% with its ½ choke, firing the same cartridge with the FABARM INNER HP XTREME choke (0.9) allows a yield of 89%.

This is concretely 40 more impacts in the 75 cm target! = 15% impact

This result comes not only from the INNER HP choke but also from the profile of the TRIBORE barrel (PATENTED).


The TRIBORE barrel is the only barrel that does not have the disadvantages of overbored barrels already on the market, namely a loss of penetration.

A little history :
The overbored barrel seeks an improvement in the sheaves by essentially seeking to reduce friction and therefore the number of damaged balls which do not have a straight trajectory.
It was born for the sporting disciplines (sporting and trap), penetration not being essential when it is simply a question of breaking a clay plateau.
First consequence of this type of barrel: If the same quantity of combustion gas of a cartridge is compressed in a larger space (the barrel having a diameter of 18.85 mm instead of 18.40 mm), the pressure is lower. So the penetration, the famous kinetic energy (Ec= ½ mv2) decreases. And do not think that the speed increases simply because of a drop in friction!

So the TRIBORE cannon?
This cannon developed about 10 years after the back-bored cannons, is the practical application of the principle of Mr. Venturi which says that if the diameter of a tube is reduced, the speed of the fluid inside this tube increases systematically.
We have proof of this by washing our car with a water hose. We pinch him, the pressure increases! Well it is the same with our TRIBORE cannon.

The TRIBORE cannon in 2 words:
• A surbored part to reduce friction and recoil.
• A reduction in the diameter of the tube to increase the speed of the balls (Venturi principle).

The drilling production process of FABARM barrels:

All our competitors produce their rifle barrels by cold hammering, for production cost reasons. This excellent process for rifled barrels is not so for smoothbore weapons. The steel thus obtained is too rigid, not very elastic and above all all the tensions created during the hammering will be restored during the passage in the oven (a little more than 700°C) for the welds of the strips and tubes.
The cryogenics put forward by certain competitors only aim to limit the deformations of the barrels during the welding phase by freezing the internal tensions of the steel a little.

But there is a much more valid solution to produce tubes of excellent quality: the drilling of chrome molybdenum steel bars.

It is this technology that Fabarm uses for all the tubes when our 2 big competitors are limited to using this technology only for their CUSTOM SHOP and luxury guns.


2.Pulse Plunger

A piston with a flexible polymer insert to regulate rearmament: it works like a progressive brake inside the gas cylinder. More valves and the ability, more than ever, to fire all types of cartridges with incredible recoil reduction.


Perfect with all cartridges

With low loaded cartridges


With high load cartridges



3.Soft touch



SOFT TOUCH is a specific coating applied to the stock and handguard to improve grip and handling, including in the rain or in very low temperatures. Thus treated, a stock in composite or in CAMO finish takes on a rubbery touch. This treatment also makes the composite very quiet and is a very resistant coating.


4.Triwood finish



The TRIWOOD™ finish introduced by FABARM in 2002 is a technical process that increases the aesthetic appearance of walnut and guarantees perfect protection against humidity.
TRIWOOD™ maintains the warm appearance of wood, each stock is unique.
The quality of the walnut, its grain are very important to obtain a perfect TRIWOOD™ stock. The secret is to arrive at the right sum of the original and artificial veins.
TRIWOOD™ is not a film attached to the wood, it is simply an ink deposit on the wood.
TRIWOOD™ stocks are protected by a very resistant satin acrylic varnish.


5. 1630 BAR Certification


FABARM is the only manufacturer to have concluded a test protocol at 1630 BAR with the CIP test bench in Gardone Val Trompia. Each FABARM shotgun concerned by this exclusive test (the legal CIP test provides for a pressure of only 1320 BAR) is delivered with a 1630 BAR test certificate. The safety of our customers is our top priority.