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GAMO company - Presentation and product ranges





Antonio Casas, SA was founded in 1889 to produce high quality lead in Barcelona, Spain.

In 1950, the company tackled the European market, specializing in pellets for high quality air rifles.

As they expanded, Industrias El Gamo was born and it was not until 1961 that the first Gamo air rifles appeared on the Spanish market. Then in 1963, Gamo began to export to the rest of Europe.

Today Gamo is the largest pellet manufacturer in the world and the largest airgun manufacturer in Europe.



GAMO technologies



10X Quick-Shot GEN2 fast reload technology Noise canceling technology Technology with 2 sound dampening chambers Technology including a double sound moderator (Inert Gas Technology™) consists of a pneumatic cylinder that replaces the spring

Replaces the standard thruster spring with an inert gas cylinder

New SWA TM recoil pad

Triple R (Recoil Reducer Rail)

The SAT system is a patent pending relaxation principle developed by Gamo

The CAT System (Custom Action Trigger)


The different ranges of products and accessories


PCP rifles:

PCP rifles are pre-compressed air rifles consisting of a manual charging pump, a compressor or a special bottle.

> PCP rifle Gamo Arrow Cal. 4.5mm 19.9J

> HPA PCP Gamo rifle in pack or single rifle Cal. 5.5mm 40J

> Gamo Coyotte Tactical Cal. 5.5mm 40J

Multi-shot rifles:

With 10x technology, the shooter performs a single reload of 10 pellets which allows him not to reload pellet by pellet.

> Gamo IGT 10x Gen2 rifle in Cal. 4.5mm or 5.5mm 19.9J

> IGT 10x Gen2 rifle pack + Cal. 4.5mm 19.9J

> SPEEDSTER 10x IGT Gen2 rifle with Cal. 4.5mm 19.9J

> Replay Magnum IGT 10x Gen2 Cal. 5.5mm 45J

> Fast Shot 10x IGT rifle with Cal. 4.5mm 19.9J

> Black 10x Maxxim IGT rifle with Cal. 4.5mm 29J

> Replay 10x Maxxim rifle with Cal. 4.5mm 19.9J

Junior rifles:

These air rifles have a size, light weight and easy tilt-barrel cocking suitable for young users.

> Red synthetic delta carbine Cal. 4.5mm 7.5J

> Delta green synthetic rifle Cal. 4.5mm 7.5J

> Delta black synthetic rifle Cal. 4.5mm 7.5J

> Delta Fox GT ring rifle yellow Cal. 4.5mm 7.5J

"Classic" rifles:

With an easy cocking barrel and an intermediate power, these "classic" rifles are adapted and designed for teenage shooters.

> Black Shadow synthetic rifle Cal. 4.5mm 14.J

> Black Shadow synthetic rifle pack Cal. 4.5mm 14J

> Forest Combo wood rifle with Cal. 4.5mm 14J

IGT rifles:

IGT technology (Insert Gas Technology) is Gamo's revolution in the world of air rifles. The spring is replaced by a tube of inert gas.

> HPA IGT carbine with scope and bipod Cal. 4.5mm 19.9J

> Whisper IGT rifle with Cal. 4.5mm 19.9J

> Big Cat 1000-E IGT Cal. 4.5mm 19.9J

> Shadow IGT rifle with Cal. 4.5mm or 5.5mm 19.9J

Sports rifles (1000 FPS) in optical pack:

Sport rifles are powerful, precise and economical rifles. They offer a first-rate shooting experience whatever the discipline practiced.

> Hunter 440 AS rifle with Cal. 4.5mm 19.9J

> Tactical Storm rifle with Cal. 4.5mm 19.9J

> Big Cat 1000-E Barricade rifle pack with Cal. 4.5mm 19.9J

> Black Beer rifle with Cal. 4.5mm 19.9J

> Shadow Express rifle with red dot Cal. 5.5mm 19.9J

High Power Rifles:

These rifles are the highest range of air rifles.

> G-magnum 1250 jungle rifle with Cal. 4.5mm or 5.5mm 36J or 45J

> G-magnum 1250 Cal rifle pack. 4.5mm or 5.5mm 36J or 45J

> Black Fusion IGT carbine with Cal scope; 4.5mm 29J

> Grizzly 1250 Cal. 5.5mm 45J

> Grizzly 1250 Cal. 4.5mm 36J

Fixed barrel rifles:

Fixed barrel rifles provide maximum accuracy when firing. Its exclusive pellet loading system makes the rifles ideal for the most demanding.

> CFX Cal. 4.5mm 19.9J

> CFX Cal. 5.5mm 19.9J

> CFX Royal Cal. 4.5mm 19.9J

Air guns:

Air pistols are intended for target shooting.

> Compact competition pistol right-handed or left-handed Cal. 4.5mm 3.67J

> PR-45 Ambidextrous Training Pistol Cal. 4.5mm 3.67J

> Pack pistol P-900 IGT Cal. 4.5mm 2.55J

> Pistol P-900 IGT Cal. 4.5mm 2.55J

Co2 pistols and revolvers:

Air guns or BB guns are as accurate as they are economical. These guns use compressed air or CO2 to propel ammunition through the barrel.

Revolvers is a popular range consisting of two models PR776 and PR725 which reproduce the aesthetics and performance of known pistols. Fitted with an 8-round rotary magazine.

> Co2 pistol C-15 blowback Cal. 4.5mm 3.98J

> Pistol PT-85 blowback Cal. 4.5mm 3.98J

> P25 blowback pistol Cal. 4.5mm 3.98J

> Pistol GP-20 Co2 Cal. 4.5mm 3.98J

> Pistol PT-80 Cal. 4.5mm 3.98J

> Winchester revolver by Gamo Cal. 4.5mm 2.26J

> Co2 Revolver PR-725 Cal. 4.5mm 3J

> Co2 Revolver PR-776 Cal. 4.5mm 3.98J


Targets are made with special cardboard designed to be fired from airguns. They can be installed in brackets. Their rugged designs allow heavy duty use with all types of airguns.

> Rocker target gate

> Rat target

> Target holder Rocker grey/yellow

> Boar target

> Circular target

> Hobby Target/Plinking

> Package of 100 cardboard targets

> Flat target holder

> Conical target holder

> Target competition at 2

Scopes, red dots and mounts:

The range of optics has been designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding shooters. Gamo offers a wide range of riflescopes as well as red dots for air rifles.

> 4x32 WR scope

> 4x28 TV bezel

> 4x32 AO paralax scope

> 3-9x32 WR scope

> 6-24x50 Mildot scope

> 6x40 WR scope

> Scope 4-12x44 AO

> 3-9x40 WR scope

> Quick shot BZ30 red dot

> AD-30 red dot

> One-piece mounting diam 25.4 mm or diam 30 mm

> High mounting with aiming tunnel diam 25.4 mm

> Medium assembly diam 30 mm

> Low mounting diam 25.4 mm

Lead boxes:

PBA pellets and pellets for 4.5 caliber air rifles and pistols; 5.5 or 6.35mm.

> Magnum Energy Cal. 4.5mm

> Pro Match competition Cal. 4.5mm

> Match Classic Cal. 4.5mm

> Match Classic Cal. 5.5mm

> 10X pellet multishot Cal. 4.5mm

> Pro Magnum Penetration Cal. 4.5mm

> Pro Magnum Penetration Cal. 5.5mm

> TS-10 long distance Cal. 4.5mm

> TS-22 Long Distance Cal. 5.5mm

> Expander Expansion Cal. 4.5mm

> Hunter Impact Cal. 6.35mm

> Viper 25 Dispersion Cal. 5.5mm

> G-Hammer Power Cal. 4.5mm

> Round Fun Cal. 4.5mm

> Steel BB'S Tough Cal. 4.5mm

> Red Fire performance Cal. 4.5mm

> PBA Raptor Cal. 4.5mm

> Lethal Country Cal. 4.5mm

> Rocket Destroyer Cal. 4.5mm or Cal. 5.5mm

Accessories :

Find below a wide range of accessories for your rifles.

> 200 bar filling tube

> Sound Moderator

> PCP Booster

> High performance PCP pump

> 11 mm damper rail support

> Track mounting

> Adapter rail 11 mm to 21 mm

> Binocular 8x40 PR Auto Focus

> Binocular 10x25 DCF

> Binocular 10x32 DCF

> Spotting scope 15-45x60

> Cleaning kit

> Barrel cleaning kit

> Cotton for barrel maintenance

> Co2 refill

> Hunter attitude holdall 125 cm

> Red/black padded sheath 125 cm

> Khaki green quilted sheath 132 cm

> Semi-padded sheath 117 cm

> Pistol case

> Shooting easel