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SIA holder space user guide



                            March 10, 2022  




Report of the webinar of February 23, 2022 with the SCAE following the opening of the fighter module on February 8, 2022 


SIA number and SIA account holder 


The SIA number is only a simple digital identity that identifies the person, but does not allow arms transactions to be made. Its creation is extremely simple and fast. It was you, gunsmith, who created it from October 2020 until today

→ You can continue to create some for individuals dependent on portals that are not yet open.

The holder SIA account is more complete and integrates the status of the person, currently hunter, then later shooter, collector, etc. according to the planned schedule. This account is essential to have access to its digital rack and to carry out any weapon transaction (purchase, sale, exchange, deposit sale). It is the private holder who creates his own account on

If the holder SIA account is open (as currently that of the hunter, and soon of the FFTir, clay pigeon shooting and biathlon licensees), you should no longer use the SIA number. You can possibly accompany your customer who must create his own SIA account, but it is not you, the gunsmith, who must do it. At best you can, if necessary only help him to create it (see the paragraph: Assistance to customers for the creation and management of personal accounts ).


The SIA account holder does not require validation of the hunting license, because holders always have the perfect right to keep their weapons without using them.

This validation may be indicated later if the holder resumes a hunting activity.

Note that the SIA number and the SIA personal account number are identical and acquired for life.

It is therefore important for individuals to keep it well. If your client has “lost” it, you can find it (see the paragraph: Finding a client's SIA account ).

Exceptionally, there may be different numbers between the SIA number and the SIA account, but this is due to too many errors in entering information during creations, and the system is not able to do the reconciliation.

In this case, the armourer must contact the SCAE to have the correction carried out.

It is important to remember that all holders, whether hunters, shooters or collectors must have created their SIA account by July 1, 2023 or risk becoming illegal holders.

The only exception is for exclusive owners of smoothbore long guns, one shot per barrel, acquired before December 1, 2011 and who can possess them with just an SIA number and without registration in a digital rack. If these holders have never been to a gunsmith since January 1, 2021 for repair or service, they may not even have an SIA number. They are perfectly legal and can stay that way.


SIA Implementation Schedule


In order to correctly integrate the various holder modules into the system, the initial schedule has been greatly modified:

> February 8, 2022: opening of the SIA to prefectures and holders of “hunter” weapons in mainland France, the West Indies, Reunion and St Pierre & Miquelon.

> July 2022: dematerialization of the European Firearms Card (CEAF) (and integration of weapon elements??).

> September 2022: opening of the SIA to ″licensees″ of shooting, clay pigeon shooting and ski biathlon federations, as well as to former licensees of these federations.

> November 2022: opening of the ″inherited or found weapons″ module, opening to federations and associations (hunting, shooting, clay pigeon shooting and skiing), as well as to certain business owners (municipal police, private security companies, SNCF and RATP).

> January 2023: opening of the SIA to ″collectors″, minor holders, other professional holders (museums, fairgrounds, etc.) and deployment of the SIA throughout the Overseas Territories.

However, holding a personal SIA account before July 1, 2023 is mandatory to maintain the right to own weapons beyond this date.


Case of people who are both hunters & sports shooters


When should they create their account?

We receive messages from the SCAE to delay the creation of an account and remind that only hunter owners who want to acquire or transfer a weapon are concerned for the moment. Regarding category B and A.1 weapons, it is necessary to wait until September 2022, at the earliest.

For a sport hunter / shooter holding category C weapons, free choice according to his profile and the opening dates of the portals mentioned above. The recommendation of the SCAE currently is, because of the "bugs" being resolved, to open his SIA account holder only when a visit to the gunsmith is envisaged.

CLARIFICATION : The SIA account holder may include several disciplines (hunter, shooter, collector) which will be added at the time of the official opening of each module.

REMINDER : During the creation of a module of the SIA account holder by the individual, all the weapons known in AGRIPPA switch en bloc to his digital rack, and he has 6 months to possibly correct it.

This period of 6 months runs after the opening of each module and can overlap (6 months after opening hunter , then 6 months after opening FFTir licensee , etc.), but without being able to go beyond the deadline of July 1 2023 for all modules.


Sale of weapons in category C and misuse of the SIA number


Transition period

For the moment, there is not yet a link between the SIA holder, the FNC and the FFBT.

As a result, during a transitional period estimated until the summer of 2022, the gunsmith must imperatively continue to check the paper documents; hunting license with validation or valid FFBT license + ID.

Since the opening of the hunter portal, if a weapon transaction is carried out only with the SIA number of a customer who has not created a holder account, the system will continue to generate paper documents, but these will no longer be managed by the prefecture, and the file will return to the gunsmith. It will then be his responsibility to contact his client and restore the correct procedure for the file.

Additionally, this weapon will remain pending and will not be listed in the client's digital rack. It will only appear when opening the personal SIA account and the digital rack.

The gunsmith must therefore, before any transaction, check that his client is indeed the holder of a holder account. Otherwise, the sale must not be made before the opening of the client's SIA account.

CAUTION ! this search is important, because for the moment, the absence of a SIA account of the customer does not block the system.

For all the blockages encountered by the gunsmiths' clients when opening their SIA account holder, it is imperative that the gunsmith (or his client) make screenshots justifying the real and effective difficulties, then closer to its prefecture which has an answer to all the bugs that may arise.

Note that the SCAE will not tolerate ANY non-application of the expected process → compulsory sale through the SIA hunter account and not through the SIA number which then generates the CERFAs which are no longer managed by the prefectures.

Several cases of non-application have been reported by the prefectures to the SCAE, these communicating twice a week with the SCAE to report on the situation and the difficulties, and certain armories have received warnings.

And beyond the warnings, it will be a suspension of authorization!


Finding a Customer's SIA Account 


The gunsmith goes to the site to connect to his professional account. There, in his LPN he clicks on the sia magnifying glass icon at the top of the page, then on the search button at the bottom of the paragraph and search for an SIA holder number

> If the mention Type of account; hunter appears, the customer does have an account. As seen above, he will have to present his paper documents to you (valid hunting permit or license + ID) for the acquisition or sale of a category C weapon, and the transaction can be carried out.

> If Account type: None appears, your customer does not have an SIA account holder. The transaction does not have to be made and the person has the obligation to create his account so that the gunsmith can carry out a gun transaction.

Later, when the other holding modules are opened, they can be added to the personal SIA account which can accumulate them (hunter + shooter + collector for example).


Weapons that do not appear on the digital rack


Logically, all the weapons registered in AGRIPPA must switch to the digital rack as soon as the holder SIA account is opened.

However, some weapons misidentified by the system may block and not appear immediately; this is a temporary anomaly that the SCAE is working on.

In this case, it is possible for the holder to register them as missing weapons, but the SCAE recommends not to rush and to wait about 1 month before making these corrections, because some will take a while to come up of the AGRIPPA system.

If after correction it is registered twice, a Report a Duplicate error button will soon be created in order to be able to cancel it.

On the other hand, if weapons acquired since January 1, 2021 do not appear, this is not normal, and it must be reported quickly to the SCAE.


Encoding of weapons in the digital rack 


During the transfer of the stock known by the prefectures to the digital rack, the weapons appear encoded with the letter P for provisional encoding , and remain so until they go to a professional.

When the weapon passes into the hands of the armourer for a repair operation lasting more than one day, sale, exchange, etc., the armourer - by integrating the weapon into his LPN - certifies the correct identification, the technical characteristics and the correct RGA encoding, and the weapon then switches to letter C for certified encoding.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the weapon has been certified, there is currently no going back.

If there is an error, it is necessary to contact the SCAE to correct it. A solution is being studied to allow professionals to delete a duplicate weapon that has been certified.


Sale of category C and B ammunition


For category C ammunition , there is currently no change with the previous procedure, as long as the link with the computer system of the FNC and the FFBT is not effective, and planned for the summer of 2022. customer always presents his paper documents, hunting license with his validation or his valid shooting license + identity document.

Soon, when this link will be effective, the customer will simply be able to give his SIA number, and the gunsmith will have all the information to make the sale, in particular for ammunition classified in C6 and C7, after having of course always checked the identity of his client.

It is also planned to be able to print its digital rack, in whole or in part, and thus provide proof of the declaration of these weapons in mixed calibers, necessary for the purchase of ammunition.

For category B ammunition , nothing changes at this time, as long as the shooter module is not opened. At the time of deployment of the device, all arms and ammunition transactions, as well as quotas, will be managed by the system.


How to certify a customer's weapon


This procedure must be as transparent as possible for owners and gunsmiths.

Remember that the status of a weapon encoded in P is not at all penalizing for the holder who can keep it like this without modification all his life.

In the extreme, it is during the succession of the holder that the weapon will necessarily pass to a professional for sale or inheritance transfer, and that it will then be certified.

It is therefore absolutely not necessary for the holders to go to their gunsmith to have their guns automatically encoded in C ; this is not planned, and this systematic action is not at all required of professionals.

At the time of registration in the LPN of a professional, if the system detects a P -encoding, it will request the certification of the weapon, which can at this time possibly correct the information and assign the correct RGA number.

Let's not forget that due to changes in the regulations, particularly for collector's weapons, this identification can lead to an over-classification, or a downgrading from category C to category D.

If the gunsmith is not able to correctly identify the weapon, he can return it to his client without any particular procedure before entering it on his LPN (Digital Police Book).

This identification must be done physically in the armoury, however an exemption is granted to brokers who can do it remotely.

Note that as a trusted third party for the Administration, the gunsmith has the duty to inform his client of a classification error and possibly illegal detention in relation to the documents possessed (eg certain weapons in B and C overclassified recently in A.1 §11).


Assistance to customers for the creation and management of personal accounts


This assistance has been considered by the SCAE and an agreement has been signed with the main professional bodies, in order to regulate this service and provide consistent price proposals, as well as a discharge for the use of personal data for assistance. when creating an e-mail address.

It is obvious that everyone is free to apply this agreement in whole or in part, both in terms of its principle and its pricing.

These documents are available on request from the National Trade Union Chamber of Armourers (CSNA):


Repair management


Any weapon received for repair must be entered in the gunsmith's LPN if it remains in the store for more than one day of activity (from morning opening to evening closing).

However, the hunter is not required to have an SIA account holder, both for dropping off and picking up the weapon, and this does not block the system.

Although it is preferable that the customer has an SIA account, the gunsmith will only use his SIA number, or create it for him if he does not have one, as has been practiced by professionals for the year 2021. It should be remembered that for smoothbore weapons, one shot per barrel acquired before 1 December 2011, if registration in the holder's digital rack is optional, it is recommended for transport and compulsory for the edition of the European card. of firearms (CEAF).


Management of sales deposits


A weapon put on deposit for sale is to be treated as a time-shifted purchase. This means that it is essential that the customer has created his SIA holder account to deposit his weapon, even if he no longer hunts. This allows you to see the status of the weapon both in the holder's digital rack and in the gunsmith's LPN. Thus, the weapon is registered in the system with all its certified characteristics, and will be easily found to pass directly from the LPN to the digital rack of the future purchaser.

REMINDER : The procedures for disposing of a weapon are strictly listed in article R312-74 of the CSI → Sale to a gunsmith or an individual, destruction by a gunsmith or return to the state for destruction. The deposit-sale of a weapon of a holder subject to a divestiture injunction is not a legal modality of divestiture. Indeed, putting a weapon on consignment does not transfer ownership of the weapon until it is sold. Thus, the depositor always has the property of the weapons kept at the armourer. The deposit-sale of a weapon in a gunsmith therefore does not interrupt the divestment procedure, which may lead, if necessary, to the seizure by the internal security forces of the weapon held by the gunsmith.


Inheritances – inheritances of weapons of category C 


When heirs bring a category C weapon to a gunsmith that they do not want to keep, the gunsmith must link it to an SIA account. In fact, if the deceased person did not have a personal account, it is not possible to create it under the identity of a dead person and make a transaction with a deceased person.

It is therefore up to the rightful claimant to take responsibility, either:

> By registering it on their own digital rack if they are hunters, shooters, collectors.

> By creating an SIA account from November 2022 after opening the inherited or found weapons module, with a medical certificate allowing the possession (even temporarily) of the weapon.

Arms loans

Apart from specific rental contracts, the temporary loan of a weapon by a gunsmith to an individual is provided for, as a breakdown during a long-term repair. The weapon must then be switched to the customer's digital rack during the period he holds it, like a transfer, then on return it will be re-registered in the gunsmith's LPN.

On the other hand, currently the loan function between individuals does not exist.



Sale between individuals

As before, the operation must be carried out in front of a professional, gunsmith or broker. It is on this occasion that the weapon will be certified and possibly re-encoded with its correct RGA number if there was an error at the start.

Weapons held with model 13 authorization

No change compared to the previous situation; the weapon will go up from the AGRIPPA system and come to register automatically in the holder's digital rack.


Weapons neutralized


By JJ BUIGNE President of the UFA:

The regime for neutralized weapons is complicated because it differs according to the date and geographical origin of this operation, as well as the date of acquisition of the neutralized weapon; the two elements not being correlated.

Neutralizations before April 6, 2016:

  • Made by the BNE of St Etienne: classification in C.9 in the event of transfer.
  • Coming from foreign countries and not passed the National Proof House: the weapons remain in their original category.
  • Homemade operation: weapons remain in their original category.
  • Whatever the neutralization, if it is operated on a weapon of a model prior to 1900, its classification becomes category D §d.

Collectors who acquired deactivated weapons before June 13, 2017 can keep them without formality. This concerns: - Neutralization before April 6, 2016 and bearing the AN hallmark, for which the certificate is not compulsory. - Neutralization before April 6, 2016 practiced in another European state subject to three conditions met: the hallmark of an official body, the certificate of neutralization and the equivalence with respect to French neutralization. This last point is the one that poses the most problem, because it is easily contested by the police authorities because of the evolution of neutralization over time. - Neutralization according to April 6, 2016 which includes the European hallmark and for which the certificate is not mandatory. - For weapons acquired before June 13, 2017, no formality until the weapon is put up for sale or transferred. On the other hand, to be transferred, it is necessary to have them neutralized to the new standards, which classifies them in category C9, and then makes them register in the digital rack.

Weapons acquired between April 6, 2016 and June 13, 2017 are not declarable, except in the event of transfer.

Therefore, only weapons acquired after June 13, 2017 should appear in the holder's rack.

On the other hand, to be transferred, it is always necessary to have them neutralized to the new standards, which classifies them in category C.9, and entails registering them in the digital rack.

Neutralization after April 6, 2016: classification in C.9 regardless of the country of neutralization, and the weapon must be declared and registered in the SIA.

Transactions between individuals must take place in the presence of a professional, but the buyer only provides an identity document and a medical certificate dated less than a month.

Note that the RGA code of a neutralized category B or A weapon is the same, but with the neutralization box checked.


System crashes


> It is expected that the gunsmith will soon be able to create his personal account on the same email address as his professional address.

> The SCAE is aware of certain malfunctions during the creation of holder accounts, leading to the appearance of messages of the type: connection error – server call problem . The corrections are in progress and it is advisable to reattempt to connect later.

> Each SIA account holder requires a specific email address. If there are several hunters or shooters in the same family, each must open their own account with an email address that will also be unique to them.

> The Token invalid message means that the validity period of the connection link sent to the mailbox has expired, this is 48 hours.

> Some browsers are recommended, such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, with their latest updates. Regarding mobile phones, an application is being developed to overcome current connection problems, mainly with Safari for iPhones.


Case of minors


Currently there is a blockage for minor hunters who cannot create their holder account, and must be managed like the other modules that have not yet integrated the SIA. Therefore, for the moment, the miner just has to have an SIA number and the gunsmith still has to work with the Cerfa paper route published via his LPN. The prefectures are aware of this state of affairs, and will handle the file well.


Some precisions

  • All weapons that arrive after transaction since January 1, 2021 in the individual's digital rack are with letter C encoding.
  • The SCAE is working to reduce the registration time of weapons coming from AGRIPPA in the digital racks.
  • The possibility of changing the e-mail address by the individual will soon be deployed, on the condition of course that this address is not already used elsewhere.
  • It is possible to open an account without validation of the hunting license. Bi-annual or temporary validation can be added later.
  • In the immediate future, the paper register of weapon elements is still used until the opening of the specific module. This is the case, among other things, for the additional guns.
  • For the legitimate reason of transport, you must always be in possession of the hunting license or one of the shooting licenses.

Find all the steps for creating your holder account by clicking on the image below.

Go directly to the site of weapon owners by clicking on this link: