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LE SIA : RGA et LPN - Les grandes étapes

Le SIA : RGA et LPN - Les grandes étapes pour les armuriers 


FEPAM offers GameFair visitors a free workshop to create their SIA account holder on its stand G19.

To do this, you simply have to come with your hunting license, proof of address and an identity document. Scanner tools will be present on site.

Why create this account?

Quite simply because the management and tracking of weapons is now 100% dematerialized by the Ministry of the Interior, and to buy or sell a weapon (and also to deposit it for repair), you must have created your account. SIA holder (SIA: Weapons Information System).

To anticipate your visit and be sure to have a moment reserved for you on the FEPAM stand :

1) Please send your surname, first name, telephone number, as well as the day of your visit to the show to the address: – FEPAM will reply to you by giving you an appointment schedule .

2) OR if you would like to book live yourself and choose your timeslot , then click on the links below. You will receive confirmation of your registration instantly by return email. If the 1st schedule no longer has the days and times that suit you, click on the following schedule:

Schedule 1 (for the 3 days):

Schedule 2 (for the 3 days):

Schedule 3 (for the 3 days):


Simac member of the AP&Partners group. AP&Partners includes the following companies: Europ-Arm; Simac and Fabarm France. The SIA numbers of the different companies are:

- Europ-Arm: SIA number: 20NA745539

- Simac: SIA number: 20NW244822

- Fabarm France: SIA number: 20YZ196683



The Central Arms Service has just changed premises. They immediately changed phone numbers. If you wish to reach the "professional support" number for the start-up of your digital police book, you must dial


SNAFAM, in collaboration with gunsmiths and arms wholesalers, succeeded in developing the SIA project piloted by the Ministry of the Interior.

Consequently :

- You must request the SIA number of your establishment between October 1 and 15, 2020.

- Once you have obtained your SIA number, you must forward it to all your arms suppliers as soon as possible.

- From October 15, no wholesaler will be able to sell a weapon to an establishment without knowing its SIA number. For the rest of the procedure applicable between October 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020, I invite you to consult the two documents below.

- SIA/LPN opening – Transitional period from October 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020:

- Use cases from October 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020:

You must be ready on October 1, 2020!

The Ministry of the Interior is currently setting up a new information system on weapons.

What is AIS?

THE SIA: The Weapons Information System will ensure the traceability of weapons, the history of acquisitions, possessions, etc. from their entry or manufacture on the territory until their exit or destruction.

All authorized professionals and individuals will be issued an SIA identification number by the system. This number will make it possible to carry out administrative transactions while carrying out the necessary checks authorizing the sale.

The SIA composes:

- The General Arms Repository (RGA) – Accessible and functional

- The Digital Police Book (LPN) – Accessible on October 1, 2020

- The Finiada file – Accessible


The RGA (General Arms Repository)

The RGA is a digital library accessible on line allowing to indicate for each model of weapon, its technical characteristics and its administrative classification. Since January 2020, each weapon model manufactured in France, imported or introduced is identified, classified and registered in the RGA. It is assigned a file number specific to this model: the RGA code

Link to create the RGA account >

* You can now find the RGA codes of our weapons for sale on our website SIMAC.FR


The LPN Digital Police Book The digital police book replaces today's special paper register. This digital medium will be mandatory for recording new weapon flows (entries and exits) from October 1, 2020.

Each weapon will be registered by its RGA code + its serial number. All arms sales must be registered on the LPN from December 31, 2020 .

Caution ! The registers are to be kept and remain necessary for the parts of weapons.


You will find below the detailed document of the major steps of the SIA as well as the redirect links or via the following link > SIA process - Armourers.pdf



THE SIA: RGA and LPN - The main steps For gunsmiths


Before 1/10/2020:

- Open an account on the RGA website of the Ministry of the Interior. (1)

- Find on the RGA site the RGA codes of each model of weapon in stock. (2)

- If the model does not have an RGA code, have it created on the RGA site (online procedure) (3)


On 10/1/2020

- Open a professional account to have access to the LPN (4)

- Transmit the SIA identification number to the wholesalers so that they can register the sales.


From 1/10/2020

- For a weapon purchased from wholesalers after 1/10: Open the LPN site and enter the sale in the LPN with the weapon's encoding number and the customer's identity.

- The site directly accesses FINIADA and the customer's weapon inventory to validate the sale.

- For the sale of a weapon in stock before 1/10: go to the LPN website and file the RGA number + the serial number of the weapon

- The LPN site generates a unique "Encoding Number" for the weapon

- Retrieve the "Weapon encoding number

- Enter the sale in the LPN with the encoding number and the customer's identity.

- The site directly accesses FINIADA and the customer's weapon inventory to validate the sale.

- Upon receipt of a weapon that does not have an RGA number, it can be declared with the RGA code AA000 (reserved for unidentified weapons) and its serial number. It will then be necessary to correctly fill in the line with a good RGA Code before being able to sell the weapon. 

- On each receipt of an order sent by a wholesaler, open the LPN site and validate with one click the receipt of each weapon present in the order which will have been declared the day before by the wholesaler. This is when the transfer of responsibility takes place. 

- Progressively declare all the weapons in stock, indicating the RGA number + the serial number of each weapon. The entire stock must be declared at the end of the year.

- For owners of adapted computer systems (DITEL for example), it is possible to carry out a mass integration of the stock as wholesalers do. 


1) Site: Video presentation of the SIA:

2) Video tutorial:

3) Video tutorial:

4) Site: - The site will be online on 1/10/2020

Tutorial in PDF:


Various tutorials:

- Video tutorial: Download the entire RGA Repository:

- Tutorial in PDF: 7 sheets all the actions to be done on the LPN numberdirect=true


After-sales service procedure within the framework of the SIA:


- From 01/10/2020, the sending of a weapon for after-sales service to Simac must be registered beforehand in the gunsmith's LPN so that the Simac after-sales service can validate receipt. When the repaired product is returned, the after-sales service will make the movement in the LPN so that the gunsmith can in turn receive it and then possibly retransmit it to its owner.

- From 01/10/2020, weapons returned to after-sales service without being registered in the after-sales service flow in the gunsmith's LPN can no longer be received at Simac and will be returned within 48 hours.

- Weapons that will already be physically in the Simac after-sales workshop on 1/10/2020 will be registered in the LPN by Simac.

- To simplify the recording of stock as of 10/1/2020, Simac asks gunsmiths not to send a weapon to after-sales service between 09/20/2020 and 10/2/2020