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Mock rifle Daniel Defense Delta 5

Mock rifle Daniel Defense Delta 5

Item number : DD5308 DD565

SKU Item designation RGA French Law Caliber Shots Barrel (cm) Length (cm) Weight (g) Weapon Type MSRP
SKU DD5308 Item designation Daniel Defense Delta 5 barrel 20 cal.308 carabine à verrou AE611 French Law C Caliber .308 Win Shots 5 Barrel (cm) 51 Length (cm) 101 Weight (g) 5100 Weapon Type Locked carbine MSRP 3289 € incl. tax
SKU DD565 Item designation Daniel Defense Delta 5 barrel 24" cal. 6.5 Creedmoor carabine à verrou AE612 French Law C Caliber 6.5 mm Creedmoor Shots 5 Barrel (cm) 61 Length (cm) 111 Weight (g) 5190 Weapon Type Locked carbine MSRP 2849 € incl. tax

The First Lock Carabine of the American Leader Daniel Defense!

The Delta 5: an ultra-precise rifle aimed at the TLD.

  • Barrel threading: 5 / 8x24
  • Barrel profile: Heavy interchangeable forged hammered cold
  • Charger: Magpul Pmag 7x62 NATO
  • Cannon action in stainless steel, mechanical bedding and anti-recoil post
  • Cylinder head 3 studs, 60 degree opening, floating head.
  • Removable head bolt thread 5 / 16-24"
  • 2-position Timney Elite Hunter Direct Relaxation (700 g and 2 kg)
  • Picatinny Rail Daniel Defense Elevation 20 MOA - 5.8 MRAD
  • Ergonomic grip made of polymer reinforced with carbon fibers
  • Supports Adjustable Cheek, lacrosse configurable in length and height
  • 4 M-Lok attachment points along the front
  • Grenadier: Quick stain on three points QD M-lok (3 slots for ball-point grenadiere)
  • Capacity 5 shots AICS charger provided
  • Daniel Defense Manufacturing 100% USA


Striped ammunition
Striped ammunition
Made in USA
Made in USA
Category C
Category C

Context : TLD, Long Range Shooting, Benchrest, Sniper Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Police Shooter Rifle, Rifle Law Enforcement, Precise Rifle, Good Rifle, Precision Rifle Shooting Well
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