Economical clamps on 11 mm rail

Item number : MK1102

SKU Item designation French Law Height (cm) Diameter (mm) Mounting MSRP
SKU MK1102 Item designation Diam.30 Bh 12.5 French Law Free sale Height (cm) 0.85 Diameter (mm) 30 mm Mounting 11mm rail MSRP 20 € incl. tax

Simple and resistant fixing for your scopess.

Pair of collars with simplified structure for both solid and economical.

Kastelberg has developed a more economical concept of collars by combining the functions of tightening the scope and fixing the collar to the rail in a single mechanism! Each collar is made up of two vertical half collars and the tightening of the 4 screws makes it possible to both tighten the scope in the collar and the rail in the claws of the collar.

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