Item number : ONS24

SKU Item designation French Law Twilight fact Min Twilight fact Max Tuning 100m Elevation stroke (MoA) Windage stroke (MoA) Focus Field max 100 m Field min 100 m Length (cm) Weight (g) Magnification Min Magnification Max Objectif Diam. (mm) Diameter (mm) Reticle MSRP Stock
SKU ONS24 Item designation Nikko Stirling - Riflescope 1-4 x 24 Reticle 23 French Law Vente libre Twilight fact Min 4.9 Twilight fact Max 9.8 Tuning 100m 1/2 MoA Elevation stroke (MoA) 100 Windage stroke (MoA) 100 Focus Yes Field max 100 m 40.3 Field min 100 m 10.1 Length (cm) 26 Weight (g) 520 Magnification Min 1x Magnification Max 4x Objectif Diam. (mm) 24 mm Diameter (mm) 30 mm Reticle Ret. 4 light MSRP
290.00 € incl. tax

Design and ergonomic battue scope

  • Compact and designed for driven wild boar hunting.
  • Multi-layer optical treatment for good light transmission.
  • 11 light intensity levels
  • Tool-free adjustable hunting turrets with protective cap

An affordable hunting scope, which will provide all the reliability and precision expected for quality optics.

Dedicated to driven hunting of big game, its low magnification and its bright red point will allow you to apprehend moving targets at short distance.

Mounted on a semi-auto rifle, the Diamond 1-4x24 will prove formidable in terms of precision and efficiency in front of a company of wild boar.


Reticle 6D ON
Reticle 6D ON
Réticule 6D ON
Reticle 6D OFF
Reticle 6D OFF
Réticule 6D OFF
Lifetime warranty
Lifetime warranty
Made in Denmark
Made in Denmark

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