SKU Item designation French Law Twilight fact Min Twilight fact Max Tuning 100m Elevation stroke (MoA) Windage stroke (MoA) Focus Field max 100 m Field min 100 m Length (cm) Weight (g) Magnification Min Magnification Max Objectif Diam. (mm) Diameter (mm) Reticle MSRP Stock
SKU ALP201624 Item designation ALPEN scope 1-6x24, ret. DUPLEX French Law Vente libre Twilight fact Min 4.9 Twilight fact Max 12 Tuning 100m 1/10 Mrad Elevation stroke (MoA) 100 Windage stroke (MoA) 100 Focus No Field max 100 m 38.5 Field min 100 m 6 Length (cm) 26 Weight (g) 530 Magnification Min 1x Magnification Max 6x Objectif Diam. (mm) 24 mm Diameter (mm) 30 mm Reticle Ret. 4 light MSRP
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Bezel with adjustable turrets graduated in MRad. Designed for big game hunting!

The Alpen Apex XP shotgun scope has a duplex illuminated reticle designed for daylight use.

  • Sensational field of vision of approximately 38 m at 100 m
  • Zoom with FluoDigits technology (fluorescent magnification numbers)
  • New high quality optical treatment for absolutely clear and sharp vision
  • Innovative SmartDot technology to save energy and time
  • Reticle in the 2nd image plane (ocular image plane)
  • Reticle adjustment with MRAD with turret zeroing.
  • Waterproof and very resistant.



The ALPEN Apex XP 1-6x24 is a typical shotgun scope with a center tube diameter of 30mm. It convinces with the daylight-capable duplex illuminated reticle and a sensational field of view of approx. 38 m at 100 m. The reticle is in the 2nd image plane (eyepiece image plane) and is therefore size constant regardless of magnification.

You can easily adjust the reticle adjustment on this riflescope with MRAD - i.e. 1cm per click at 100m. This eliminates the need for conversion with MOA (Minute of Angle). In addition, the robust ALPEN Apex XP 1-6x24 riflescope is absolutely waterproof and shockproof.

The zoom ring of the APLEN Apex XP 1-6x24 rifle scope is large with a nice ribbed surface and flat lug for ease of use and smoother adjustments. The integrated FluoDigits technology shows its strengths especially in poor lighting conditions and when using accessories at night. Because the slightly fluorescent magnification numbers allow you to see the zoom level immediately in dim light, without having to turn on a light! The numbers are no longer perceptible at a maximum distance of 1.5 m. This way you stay undetected and you can read the magnification numbers for at least 4 hours, even at dusk or even in the dark.

The riflescope has a new, very high-quality optical treatment that Alpen can be proud of: absolutely clear vision, marked contours and impressive contrasts!

SmartDot illuminated reticle auto-shutdown uses a tilt sensor to reduce battery consumption. You also save valuable time, because the shotgun scope is always ready for other actions as quickly as possible. Simply point the rifle at the target and the red dot will automatically light up. If you then bring it back to a non-firing position, the red dot will automatically turn off. The lighting unit is located on the left side of the tube and a ring makes it possible to turn off the reticle between each position level of illumination: it is not necessary to return to position 0 of the ring, a simple click at any level and the reticle turns on or off.

Even in adverse weather conditions, you can keep your target in sight thanks to the high-quality ALPEN optics. Heavy rain, snow, fog or even a short dive in a stream won't bother the riflescope waterproof up to 3m (IPX7). The super-tough case keeps the waterproof seal and liquids reliably away from the interior. The optics have also been nitrogen filled for a perfect view even with extremely fluctuating temperatures. This way, the lenses cannot fog up from the inside. As a true high-end rifle scope, the ALPEN Apex XP is of course recoil-proof the weapon up to 1000g Magnum caliber.


Good prospects for frequent observers - with ALPEN's extended warranty - more information

Since the reticle is in the second image plane of the optics, its size does not increase as magnification increases. Accordingly, the degree of coverage always depends on the magnification.

Thanks to the innovative SmartDot technology with tilt sensor, the light dot switches on and off automatically depending on the position of the rifle. This saves valuable time and protects the battery.

Fluorescent magnification numbers on the eyepiece - this is how the innovative FluoDigits technology allows you to visually capture the zoom level in dim light without overexposure. This keeps you undetected and allows you to see magnification numbers even in the dark. A huge advantage when using accessories!

Don't fumble around in the dark, even at dusk and in poor lighting conditions: the ultra-bright coating lets even more light through to your eyes for brighter images.

If you are not careful for a moment, the target optic is already lying in the puddle. No problem, because the waterproof housing reliably keeps liquids away from the interior of the optics. Even in the heaviest rain showers, no water is guaranteed to get inside.

This target optic is equipped with a zero stop. Because sometimes you have to B. readjust temporarily due to changing wind conditions. With a properly configured zero stop, you can then set the zero position again without checking your eyes. The zero stop prevents you from turning past the zero position.

This optic inspires with its high-quality full multi-layer coating. It increases the light transmission of the coating up to 95%. Expect fascinating moments in bright images.

Even though the temperatures fluctuate a lot, you never lose sight of the objects you observe. Because binoculars are filled with nitrogen. This means that the lenses cannot fog up from the inside - and the view remains clear.

Withstands considerable forces when firing: This premium riflescope is bulletproof up to 1000g. This corresponds to a magnum caliber.

In general, the larger the diameter of the pipe, the better the passage of light. With its central tube diameter of 30 mm, this optic offers good light transmission.

Strong temperature fluctuations occur in nature. The optics are nitrogen filled so you always have a clear view.



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Made in Germany - Flag
Made in Germany

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